Last Message!!!!!!!!!

The time has come! I know I can't believe it at all still. It still feels like in a day or two I'll board a train and go to my next area.

Last night, on Monday, all of the missionaries going home--my MTC group, Elders Kauffman, Lewis, Jacobs, Stagg, and myself; Elder Campbell, who came 6 weeks after us but due to plane scheduling came home on the early transfer with us; and Sister Mills--met together at President Steinagel's apartment, ate a big dinner, and had a testimony meeting about what we've learned from our missions. After that, we realized that we wanted to do something really special to end our last night, so with permission from president we all traveled down to where they're building the Kyiv Temple (which, by the way, is looking very impressive and looks a lot bigger in real life). Arriving at about 11:00 at night, we all gathered around and sung hymns, said a prayer, and had a moment of quiet meditation gazing at the temple. When we were ready, we returned to the mission home and stayed up talking until about 3:30.

Dad arrived this morning and we started going around the city sightseeing and talking. Tonight we're leaving for Ivano-Frankivsk, where we'll be until Thursday, when we head to Chernivtsi. Friday night we head back to Kyiv to sightsee a little more and go to church in one of my former areas, and then on Monday the long flight begins.

I can't wait to see and talk to everyone again! I love you all!

--Elder Hurst

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